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On my new website I introduce myself and my hobbies.

About Us

Name: Mario Chotoosingh
Hometown: Chicago, Ill

President,CEO: Mac Global Design & Renovation Inc.

As with anyone who has experienced the joy of having children or building a career, our journey started long before things actually came to fruition.  Started in 1998, with the help of family, we focused on a skillset that has been amongst us for decades.  Doing outstanding work and choosing quality projects instead of looking to make a quick dollar has always been our focus and goal.  We take great pride in our reputation and our client based refferals as they are a testament that our long term plan continues to succeed.  What brings me the most joy is after a job is finished and to return a while later to see truly what was accomplished.  I'm sure anyone who is dedicated to their craft and working hard can understand during the process you often can't truly appreciate what was accomplished until you take a step back.  We specialize in bringing our clients vision and lifestyle to light.  We have a vast team of professionals who specialize in every area needed.  We get to know each one of our clients directly, as everyone is different, and find that perfect match to complete the vision brought to us.  Let us be your last stop in creating your home and lifestyle!


All The Best/Mario Chotoosingh


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